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good afternoon, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. right now, investigators are going over two data recorders as they try to figure out what caused a commuter train to derail. this video was taken minutes after the crash. >> today, nearly a dozen of those injured passengers were releaseed from the hospital. the engineer and conductor have not been questioned. investigators hope to do that soon. jay gray is in the bronx now. >> reporter: they just pulled the last two cars from the train out of the area here. they are moving forward with this investigation. look, the early thought is speed played some kind of part in the accident here as investigators continue to pour through the evidence and interview those who were on the train at the time it left the tracks.
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massive cranes helped p right and move the battered cars as investigators continue to search why the train left the tracks killing four passengers and injuring more than 60. >> reporter: there could have been a problem with the track. there could have been equipment failure or operator error. you know, human beings make mistakes. >> reporter: they plan to talk to the driver and conductor of the train today. the conductor said there was a problem with a brakes. the team is also analyzing data from a black box recorder pulled from the wreckage. >> we'll know the speed of the trains. >> reporter: there were 100 people riding the train at the time of the crash. literally, the woman in front of me, she was bleeding from her
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head pretty bad. we really could pt get out. >> many continue to recover from their wounds, doctors warn the mental scars could take longer to heal. >> it's going to be different for different people. we have the ability to provide outpatient mental health and crisis services here. >> the wake of the deadliest train crash in new york in the last 20 years. the investigation is going to take some time as well. teams will be on the ground here for a week to ten days. the ntsb says the official cause of the accident could take a year or even longer. a lot of work to be done in the investigation. that's the latest live. from here in the bronx, i'm jay gray, news 4. >> does the sharp turn on the tracks have a history of trouble or accidents? >> reporter: there have been problems there, as recently as four months ago, there was an
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accident, it wasn't a commuter train, it was a cargo train. the problem was with the rail. there was a break in the rail. it was a different situation than now, at least at first blush. itis a constant concern. the speed of the trains come sboog the turn can be up to 75 miles an hour and drop to 40. both sides of the turn, they can be going 30 or 35 miles an hour faster. it's a sharp turn and one that has cause zed problems in the past. >> when do you expect them to do the interviews with the conductor and engineer? >> reporter: they expect to do it today. the conductor is in the hospital and able to talk and has talked briefly, but not with ntsb investigators. they hope to do it today. we are getting a briefing from them soon. they hope to have all the interviews done as quickly as possible. they hope to turn the tracks back over to the city within the next couple days here.
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>> all right. jay gray live in the bronx for us. thank you. covering prince george's county, a deadly shooting inside a gas station has police searching for a killer this afternoon. right now, we know the victim is a man in his 20s who is not an employee. he was killed on walters lane in forestville. they have not released whether the crime was recorded. ahead at 5:00, tracee wilkins shows us whether prince george's county has cut the violence crime since this time last year. the sound of repair crews working to fix this water main that sent water rush sboog the street of montgomery county. the main broke in gaithersburg. about 50 residents woke up to find they didn't have water. at one point, the water was knee deep. some residents tell us, this isn't the first time it's happened in their neighborhood.
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>> this one was shaking the house, shaking the street. ift was loud. it seemed as though, it was a tremor like in the past. >> they hope to have the main fixed and the water back on sometime this evening. this water main break in northeast washington could spell trouble for the evening rush hour. this is cell phone video after a 12-inch main rupted. just got an update about the repairs. crews are still at the scene working to fix it. investigators in howard county are trying to determine what caused a townhouse fire on blue point court in clarksville, maryland. dozens of firefighters were on the scene. it took them an hour to bring the blaze under control. one of them was injured fighting the fire. no one was in the two townhouses that sustained the damage. other nearby homes had to be evacuated. we are uncovering details
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about a northern virginia man accused of robbing a number of his girlfriend's neighbors. the 26-year-old is accused of robbing half a dozen homes in reston since june. tall houses were in an area around north shore drive where we are told his girlfriend's family lives. police say he would then try to resell the stolen property. julie carey will explain how police tracked him down. it's coming up at 5:00. no sunshine on this cloudy monday. >> veronica johnson is in the weather center. we did warm up a bit though, didn't we? >> we did. it's the trend for the rest of the workweek. for back to work and back to school today, i have been monitoring the cloud cover across the area. a bit of a downer today with all that gray sky across the area. take a look at the live cam and the woodrow wilson bridge. nothing but gray. how much we are socked in.
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from maryland through d.c. and down through virginia, cloud cover across the area. have to go all the way to virginia to see clear skies. all this with a bit of a light wind out of the northeast across the area. as we take a look at our temperatures right now, some of our warmer spots down to the south. fredericksburg at 49 degrees. cool at 45 right near the water at annapolis, maryland. close to 50 degrees, mild but again, the trend is for the temperatures to go up. as we take a look at the forecast for the evening, we drop to 41 degrees. notice the fog that will be forming. i'll show you those locations that i think might have travel troubles early tomorrow morning with the fog. it's coming up in a few. >> see you then. optimism about the troubled website. it's working better but are the problems completely fixed?
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s how cyber monday is stacking up for deals. details about the deadly crash involving paul walker. what he might have been doing
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so, how would you like to have your online purchase delivered to you faster than a pizza? is working on a plan to getack onlg to you in 30 minutes or less and it will use drones to accomplish that.
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it's super fun. this is our most fun time. >> reporter: inside them, purchases that will be boxed, addressed and shipped in time for christmas. those in select cities can order as late as the 24th. amazon hopes to make deliveries, even speedier in the coming years by launching drones that drop off packages within 30 minutes of ordering. it's as fast as a pizza.
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>> maybe faster. >> reporter: for now, traditional ground shipping. >> we are ready. >> reporter: fedex delivers reelectronics and e-readers. cyber monday is now the busiest on-line shopping day of the year offering consumers the ability to compare prices and place orders in seconds. >> i'm leaning toward lavender. >> reporter: and avoid crowds at brick and mortar stores. the day could bring in $2 million. a relief for retailers who saw black friday sales. in phoenix, arizona, nbc news. two baltimore boys are facing armed robbery and assault charges today. one suspect is 11 years old, the other 14. the youngsters tried to rob a woman in the parking lot of a
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walmart store. they walked up to the victim with a knife and demanded she drop her merchandise. she ignored their demands and kept walking. the woman contacted police. the boys were arrested inside the mall. we expect to hear more this weekend about a lawsuit stemming from the mass shooting at the washington navy yard. the family of mary knight is seeking $37.5 million in damages. the suit alleged the navy and department of veterans affairs overlooked red flags about the mental condition of the shooter. they name hewlett packard. aaron alexis killed 12 people at the navy yard september 16th. he was shot and killed by police. a scary morning at a high school in toledo, ohio. a 14-year-old student brought a gun to school.
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the school went into lockdown and the student was isolated inside a classroom. no one was injured. the weapon was a pellet gun. the student will be expelled. there is new technology that could help prevent crashes like the one in new york from happening in the future. when it could arrive on our local tracks. we'll have details. prince harry walking for a cause. the latest on his trek to the south pole. we're coming right back.
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breaking news regarding d.c. mayor vincent gray. scott macfarlane is at the live desk. >> tom sherwood reporting that vincent gray is planning to run for re-election. he signed up for petitions to do so. the 71-year-old mayor completing his first term and will run for a second term as mayor of d.c. if he does run, if the reports are true, he would be running against many of his former council colleagues, several of them that announced their intention to run. vincent gray signing up for petitions to run. he is on the scene and we'll have more details shortly. i'm scott macfarlane. >> thank you, scott. veronica joins us. cloudy start to the week. >> yeah, get your eraser out. maybe that will help matters.
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we are looking at socked in conditions. we have cloudy skies out there now. we are going to see fog form during the overnight that could cause issues for tomorrow morning. there's the gray sky. the scaffolding comes down. we have not one, but two weak weather systems messing with us today. one off the coast of north carolina. we have another weather front advancing eastward. showers in western pennsylvania and northwestern virginia showing up now. the other thing, clouds near the coast. this is all doing a squeeze play on us, giving us, again, mid and high level clouds across the area. hard to escape. we are going stay cloudy for the next 12 to 16 to 20 hours. we have 49 degrees. not having a huge effect on the temperatures. we are at 42 degrees by 9:00. the other thing we are seeing is a fairly light wind. it's not a big weather system pushing in.
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the light wind dropping to two to three miles per hour. the visibility stands at ten miles to six in hagerstown and winchester. i think there will be areas along and east of i-95 that will have dense fog early tomorrow morning. there's the showers again advancing eastward. not a lot. folks around hagerstown, frederick, for tomorrow morning, a brief shower around frederick. winchester, warrenton, a possibility with the weather front coming through. tomorrow afternoon, again, outside in about 16 hours we could have breaks in the cloud cover. that might give us a bit of sunshine by the time the sunsets. we are back in it with another weather system wednesday. showers will develop and move through especially during the afternoon hours on wednesday. let's take a look at the high temperature for tomorrow. folks in montgomery county, prince george's county, 51
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degrees is the high temperature for tomorrow morning. we have 52 degrees in d.c. here is how we get there. 47 degrees at 10:00 a.m. for your tuesday weather. by noontime, we are at 51. again, limited sunshine. maybe a few breaks but with a high temperature of 52 degrees. folks, i'm still calling that cool. let's take a look at your storm team four day forecast. 55 on wednesday. rising temperatures for the week. at least through thursday. there's a weather system that is going to move through at the end of the week. when it gets over us and produces the best chance of rain, it sends the temperatures down into the upper 50s for highs. the warmest day of the workweek is thursday. in terms of wednesday's weather there, we are going to see, again, a lot of clouds. the possibility of morning sprinkles and a passing shower with a better chance of rain at the end of the week. when i return, your metro forecast for tomorrow afternoon. it's coming up. >> thanks, vj.
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up next, the largest effort yet in a push for higher pay. where workers could walk off the job this week. an outpouring of grief for actor paul walker killed this weekend in a firy
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i'm going with you. >> scenes from "fast and furious" the franchise that made paul walker a star. his family, friends and celebrity friends are dealing with his sudden death in a car crash in los angeles over the weekend. right now, investigators in california are trying to figure out what was going on just before the crash that killed walker. he was in a porsche with his racing team partner on saturday. there was another car on the scene before the crash and a los angeles sheriff says the two drivers may have been drag racing. the car walker was driving in hit a utility pole. dental records are being used to determine who was driving. billy bush joins us from burbank. what is the latest you are hearing on the investigation? >> we spoke to an electrician working for the guy riding in the car paul was in.
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there's a company calls always evolving. he did not witness the actual accident but was there in the chaos after. this is what he told us. >> everybody thought it was a special effects explosion because there's a special effects place behind the studio. they all thought it was just, you know, another special effects. >> why did the car go up in flames like that? people have hit trees before and poles. is there something about the porsche carrerra that the gas tank is close to the engine? >> the gas tank is in the front of the car. when it hit the pole, no matter what speed it was going, it could blow up. >> we later learned,itis not just that the gas tank is up front and close to the engine, there's combustible fluid lines, brake lines. if you are going 45 miles an hour and a line busts, you can
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hit the brakes and stop. they are going clearly too fast. there's no question that is part of the problem. there's stress on the turn and, you know, all of a sudden a line pops, hits the exhaust and it goes up in flames like that. that's really what they are going find out. we spoke to all kind of porsche car experts. i think that's off the table. one report came out they were only going 45. there's tire marks all over the street. this is a known area in valencia, santa clarita where kids come out and drag race and drift. the irony that paul walker of "the fast and furious" would be doing that and that would be his demise is unbelievable. >> what are people saying is likely to happen with the next series in the sequel? >> "fast and furious" is a cash cow. the last installment made $788 million around the world.
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they started filming this one. the plans, the script and everything were together for seven before six hit the box office. eight is already in the hopper. they are 55 days into shooting an 80 day production schedule. a lot of the scenes have paul walker in them. they have to make some decisions, probably nothing before the holidays, can't imagine that. >> what a following and fan base he had. billy bush, billy, thanks so much. >> we are learning a lot about paul. >> thank you, billy. food truck operators are working under a new set of rules. coming up, the system changing where you may find your favorite mobile meal. reaching the goal. are the ills of the health care ♪ getting cozy. ♪ shopping for gifts online. ♪ the perfect way to get into the spirit any time. ♪ ♪ hello ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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good afternoon, i eam pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. scott macfarlane is working the story at the live desk. what are you hear sng. >> a news conference is continuing as we speak. here is the headline. the commuter train is going way too fast as it headed around the curve in the bronx yesterday. that information from the data recorders analyzed by the feds here in d.c. let's listen to what they had to say a short while ago. >> from the event recorders, it shows the train was traveling approximately 82 miles per hour as it went into a 30-mile-an-hour curve. again, 82 miles per hour at the
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30-mile-an-hour curve. >> service on metro north, the commuter rail to new york state and connecticut interrupted indefinitely. that federal investigation will continue. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. president obama's administration says is working properly 90% of the time. the website appears to have met the self-imposed deadline of december 1st to be up and running 80% of the time. meanwhile, nbc news confirms 100,000 americans successfully selected insurance plans in november. it's a huge increase from the 27,000 able to do so in october. the question now is whether the fixes will be enough to repair some of the heavy political damage caused by the disastrous launch. steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with the latest on that. the glitches were causing democrats to consider breaking ranks on the affordable care
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act. is everyone back in line now? >> reporter: i don't think they are. the glitches remain. glitch is the term the obama care people would love everybody to use. it kind of implies that these are small, fixable problems when, in fact, serious systemic problems remain. that 100,000 number, give or take 10% or 15% each way that signed up to the moment on the federal obama care exchange is more than doubled by the state exchanges. there's a relative handful of those compared to the states where you go on it doesn't reflect well on the federal system. there's also a concern, a big concern about the so-called back end of the website. all websites like this one have a front and back, take, forexample, on this cyber monday. log on and click you want to buy something. that's the front end. the back end actually sends you
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what you have ordered. the problem, we are told, on the nd of obama care has insurance providers concerned. when people log on, navigate through, qualify and pick their plan, okay, buy. they think they have coverage from that point on, they don't, first of all. second of all, the information sent by is so poorly put together it's got duplications and garbles. when it arrives cyber wise on the internet to the health care provider, it doesn't make any sense. so, no insurance can be issued. if you make the mistake of thinking you have coverage when you click and you go in to get health care in january and your doctor or hospital looks you up and you don't have coverage or the card you should get or proof you have coverage, you might not have it. that's the problem with the so-called back end, pat, on
4:34 pm it's a big problem. you know the republicans are going make another run at obama care when the deadlines come up in january and february on the continuing resolution to keep government going and on the debt ceiling. we are going to see again and again a tax on obama care. they have more political power as you implied because the rollout has been so terrible. even though things are better today, 300,000 people went on the site. we watched a man in d.c. try to do it and he got a screen saying sorry, we are really busy. it's not what you are supposed to be seeing on december 2nd. back to you. >> thanks, steve. a new lottery system began for food truck operators. popular spots are being reserved through a lottery. district officials say the goal is to help control eight of the most sought after locations.
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now the vendors can keep their spot for 30 days, then it's up for grabs, again. >> the benefits now of food trucks are going to come to customers and, you know, the city is going to recognize tax revenue and permanent revenue. it worked out well with respect to the restaurants as well. we are pleased th ed that it's happened the way it has. >> trucks that don't participate in the latry can still sell food but have to stay away from these designations. cars will be ticketed if they park in a vendor's reserved spot. d.c. buildings could soon be taller. a hearing will be held to consider relaxing height restrictions. a century old law requires the buildings to be no taller than the width. the national planning commission
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voted against their own staff recommending no changes to the law. they will testify on monday. >> kind of liking the way december is starting out. >> a little milder. will it continue? >> yes, it will. i don't think folks are going to be too disappointed. the sun is setting today as we get back to work and back to school on a gray day. not much sunshine across the area today. in terms of temperatures and where they are, well, we are in the 50s across the area. where are we going to drop to? look at 7:00, 9:00 and 11:00. 7:00, 44 degrees. 9:00, 42. then late during the evening hour, around 10:00, 11:00 when the fog will form and we head down to 41 degrees. the fog could cause troubles around the area tomorrow morning. here we are tomorrow afternoon getting up to 50 degrees mart s martinsburg. hagerstown, 48.
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50 for a high in frederick, maryland. again, travel troubles on the road early tomorrow morning. i'll talk about that in a couple minutes and the next best chance of rain. prince george's county is using world aids day to educate students about the disease. an aids awareness seminar took place today. students were able to get their blood tested. the theater group performed skits to get students to talk about prevention. they have the second highest number of hiv aids cases in the state. 5600 people are infected with the disease. 86% of them are african-american. doctors are working to reduce the number of twins born after advanced fertility help. twins have a higher likelihood of premature birth and health problems. the number of larger multiple births increased. a conference for the american society of reproductive medicine
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discussed the trend and the goal to start with one embryo rather than multiples. a medical technician is accused of infecting dozens in maryland with hepatitis. today, he learns his role. a plane swarmed by paramedics upon landing.
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today investigators in scotland say the pilot of a police helicopter didn't put out emergency calls just before crashing through the roof of a crowded pub in glasgow last week. the chopper was removeed from the scene and is going to be analyzed to see what went wrong. when the roof collapsed, several people were trapped inside. nine people killed. authorities have not ruled out finding more victims. we have more on what's next in the investigation. >> reporter: removal of the helicopter from the crash scene here means important work getting to the bottom of what happened here on friday night can really get going. >> reporter: the helicopter does not have a copy voice recorder or flight data recorder known as the black box. however, it does have a significant number of electronic systems on board and may be possible to recover recorded data from those systems.
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>> reporter: everyone here desperate for answers as to why a police chopper fell out of the sky like a stone. according to eyewitnesses, landing on the roof of a busy pub. it resulted in the deaths of at least nine people. >> the loss of so many people has been deeply felt. work will now continue to progress this recovery operation and the associated investigation and inquiry. >> reporter: earlier today, the remains of some of those killed were removeed from the site. many of the rescue workers involved in the operation here standing by to pay their involved is a euro helicopter built in germ any. it will take some months before a detailed and thorough report is released. however, we can't expect some recommendations within a matter of days as to what possibly is
4:43 pm
behind this accident. nbc news,glasgow scotland. where and when thousands of workers will walk off the job. the race to the south pole. how britain's prince harry is doing on the trek to the edge of antarctica. fog coming our way. we have a milder week and a taste of early november. in fact, we are back on the temperature roller coaster ride. the fog for tomorrow morning could create delays. i'll show you where in my forecast when news 4 at 4:00 returns.
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back to that breaking news we brought you moments ago. d.c. mayor vincent gray is running for re-election. scott macfarlane has more from the live desk. scott? >> after a year of uncertainty, mayor gray made it official. the story broke by news 4s tom sherwood. you are looking at video shot by tom as the mayor got the proper petitions to begin his re-election campaign. there will be a more formal kick off next year. when asked about his decision, mayor gray says he deserves another term. when asked about the federal investigation with his 2010
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campaign, he said i'm looking to the future and he has done nothing wrong. tom sherwood breaking the news a few minutes ago. d.c. mayor, vincent gray after a year of uncertainty making certain his decision to run for re-election. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. the travel technology that admitted to infecting people to hepatitis c hansen tensed to 39 years in prison. earlier, he pled guilty to steal ing and tainted them with his blood. 47 people contracted the virus. seven people sick in maryland. prosecutors asked for 40 years in jail saying he caused a public health crisis. do you trust the clerk whot? according to a new poll, two-thirds of americans say they don't trust others. people who responded to the
4:48 pm
associated press survey say they are suspicious of folks they meet in every day encounters. americans today are more distrusting than in a survey from 40 years ago. you might want to plan to eat in this thursday. fast food workers in 100 cities are planning to walk off the job in the largest ever, yet, to push for higher pay. itis part of a campaign to call attention to the difficulties of living on the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. they want to see $15 an hour. it's not clear whether the walkouts will be enough to disrupt restaurant operations. prince harry and his team of wounded soldiers are on their second day of a race to the south pole. so far, his team that has early lead. three teams from britain, the u.s. and the commonwealth are taking part in the journey to raise money for military
4:49 pm
families. ben fogle reports spirits are high despite the gruelling conditions. >> reporter: after several delays due to bad weather conditions and the logistics of hauling thousands of pounds of gear and the team members to the start line at 87 degrees, prince harry and the injured soldiers from the u.s., uk and commonwealth are finally under way on their race to the south pole. >> every single person who is taking part in this is extraordinary. the fact they have made it to this point is extraordinary. you know, i count myself lucky to be part of it. >> they are covering a distant of 175 miles, which should take 15 days. they set off in conditions for antarcti antarctica. of course, prince harry is joined out there by the -- and
4:50 pm
now prince harry is fourth in line to the thrown, it begs the final question, will they let him win? back to you. >> the race started yesterday afternoon according to the walking with the wounded website. participants are in good spirits but exhausted. >> no white house conditions but we are going to have fog overnight. >> of course, that's going to affect our visibilities and could affect conditions on area roads tomorrow morning. as you know, it doesn't take a big storm to slow us down. i do think tomorrow morning there will be some areas that will be socked in with more fog than others. out there right now, you can see the cloud cover all through the area extensive. but, there's no rainfalling from the clouds. look at storm team 4 radar. it's scanning the area and folks, we are dry. here is where the fog is going to set up during the overnight
4:51 pm
period and be dense and thick by tomorrow morning. folks in prince george's county, charles county, st. mary's county, caroline, king george and a chance of fog in southern prince william county. keep that in mind, folks. planning out your morning. at least it's going to be mild. our temperatures are going to start where they did this morning. they were in the mid and upper 30s. generally most neighborhoods. right now, 49 degrees in d.c. 48 in college park. 46 bowie. reston and falls church 47 degrees. the winds today have been fairly light. it's the light wind out of the northeast, north northeast that is going to contribute to the fog coming in during the overnight period. that, i think is going to start around 9:00, 10:00 p.m. where it's going to get thick. cool in alexandria.
4:52 pm
folks in burke, 33. 31 in reston. 29 degrees the start there up to our north in gaithersburg, maryland down to warrenton, 31. culpeper 30 to orange, 30. again, fog generally in this area here, along the areas of i-95 and to the south. high temperatures tomorrow could be the warmest in this area, the mountains. say winchester to shenandoah. 52 to 53 degrees. there's a possibility, a slight possibility of passing early morning showers as a weather front makes its way through the area. the temperatures reason going to come down in a big way. a high of 61 on thursday. the weekend, saturday, sunday, saturday, no rain around the area. in fact, showers will be ending as we turn mostly sunny. best day out of the weekend. guys? well, the "today" show will have a different look tomorrow morning. no shave movember is over.
4:53 pm
they headed to the barbers chair. when it came time to get that shaved, matt decided to stay with a short beard. willie, went wild. he's sporting a moustache. colleagues say he looks like ron burgundy from "anchor man." i agree. we agree. >> not in a classy way. i don't know how long he's going to keep that. he was talking ability the third how. that was it. >> that was it. coming up, the new york train crash puts a new spotlight on issues of safety. next, the state of the art
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right nou, investigators are working to find out what caused the deadly train crash in the bronx. they believe new technology could actually save lives. jeff rossen shows us a state of the art computer system that can take control of a train in a crisis. >> reporter: officials believe speed was a factor when this commuter train took a curve and went off the rails. but, experts claim revolutionary technology could make accidents like this a thing of the past. >> state of the art collision avoidance technology. >> reporter: it's called positive train control or ptc, a
4:57 pm
system of sensors on the rails and inside the locomotive. using satellites to track the trains movements and prevent many accidents caused by operator error. if the train is going too fast, the computer warns the crew. if the engineer doesn't slow down, the computer activates the breaks. ptc helps prevent collisions, too, stopping the train from blowing through red signals if the operator is distracted. >> it will save lives. both crew members, passengers and maybe people along the wayside as well. >> reporter: like in spain this summer when this train threw off the rails. the operator took the turn at nearly twice the speed allowed. 79 people were killed. in massachusetts, this transit train collided with another after the operator fell asleep. the ntsb said ptc technology would have prevented the
4:58 pm
accident. in california, 25 people were killed when this commuter train ran through a signal and collided with a freight train, again, investigators said ptc would have made the difference. >> that on board ptc computer will take control of the train and prevent the accidents from occurring. >> reporter: the ntsb agrees, positive train control is on the most wanted list of safety improvements. amtrak is using it on some routes, so is metro link in california and bnsf, a freight line. congress wants it nationwide mandating ptc on many lines by the end of 2015, including metro north, the line involved in this weekend's deadly derailment. >> metro north tells nbc news it is working aggressively to meet the deadline to install ptc. they are pushing congress for an extension to 2018. they say the metro north train
4:59 pm
operator says he tried to hit the brakes, but the brakes didn't work. nay say ptc may have helped with that, too. it gives engineers an early warning about mechanical failures. a big decision changes the landscape of the race for mayor in d.c. vincent gray is going to run for re-electi re-election. now we know how fast that train was going. plus, the first picture of the "fast and furious" star before he was killed. as we learn what may have been a factor in this accident. mayor vincent gray signed up with the elections board for petitio petitions. >> tom sherwood broke this story and is live in northwest with details for us. tom? >> reporter: jim, that's right, within the last hour, mayor gray did become a candidate. here, at the board of elections,
5:00 pm
he took the formal oath declaring he is a cant in the april 1st democratic primary. he'll join more than a half dozen others, including three councilmembers who want to take his job. gray says he's been a good mayor since taking office in january, 2011. he surprised many people with his quiet move today. >> came down and filed to take out petition for re-election. >> this is your declaration you are seeking re-election? >> this is my decdeclaration. we'll have a kick off event in early 2014. the goal now is to get the required number of signatures to get on the ball. >> you told us before it might take a few days. you are giving yourself about a month to do. you'll be out as early as tomorrow or tonight? >> we'll get started on the process. we have lots of people

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Vincent Gray 7, Maryland 7, Scott Macfarlane 6, George 5, Paul Walker 5, New York 4, Ntsb 4, Harry 4, Nbc News 3, California 3, Hagerstown 3, Navy 3, Los Angeles 2, Warrenton 2, Gaithersburg 2, Porsche 2, Frederick 2, Britain 2, Virginia 2, Billy 2
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